Here are various links to stuff, like other comics on this site, other comics on other sites, and well, what ever I feel like.

Links page

Other Comics

Mario and Luigi:Shadowstar Saga
A popular webcomic based on Mario and Luigi:Superstar saga for the GBA. Known for its insane humor, it is the best sprite comic I've ever read.(well partly since my lil' bro is the creator.)

Fred Gallaher's hugely popular webcomic about two Americans stranded in Japan, with no way to get home.

T3h Pixel Entertainment
Home of Rogultgot's webcomics, Warpstar: A comic based on Kirby (do i really need to explain that?) and T3h Pixel: um.. just read it its funny

Alternative Lifestyle
The comic my friend is working on. Its about a girl er.. woman i should say, who has very overprotective parents. So much that she still has to live with them even at 22 years old.

Random stuff

A message board dedicated to video games sprites and pixel art, also has a nice collection of upstart webcomics. Did I mention it is also where Mario and Luigi Shadowstar Saga first appeared.

Warrock (OFPS)
War Rock is a tactical online multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) with a modern military theme. Players side with either the Derbaran Military or the NIU Mercenaries, and participate in a variety of scenarios across a variety of maps and gameplay modes. Did I mention its Free2Play.

Manga Tutorials
A great resource if you're having trouble with your manga art

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